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Global and Russian pellets market research (ver. 8)

02.12.2013 — дата выхода отчета

Report (pdf) — 100 pages

40 000 руб.

Global and Russian pellets market research report include the following information:
- common information on pellets (wood, agricultural and peat);
- information on global pellets markets (Europe, North America, Asia Pacific): production and consumption development, leading countries, demand specifics, prices;
- production, consumption and export of wood pellets in Russia in 2003–2012;
- leading Russian producers of wood pellets in 2012;
- analysis of export of wood pellets: size in 2007–2012, seasonality of shipments in 2008–2012, structure of shipments in 2012 (in comparison in 2011, 2010 and 2009);
- specialities of consumption of wood pellets in Russia;
- production of agricultural and peat pellets in Russia;
- equipment for pellets production, technological process and investment;
- equipment for pellets burning;
- factors influenced on Russian pellets market development;
- forecast of production, export and consumption of pellets in Russia till 2016.


1. Fuel pellets
1.1. Wood pellets
1.1.1. Classification
1.1.2. Characteristics
1.1.3. Standards
1.2. Peat pellets
1.3. Agricultural pellets
2. Applications of fuel pellets
2.1. Electric power industry
2.1.1. Power generation
2.1.2. District heating generation and cogeneration
2.1.3. Local heating generation
2.2. Industrial process
2.3. Alternative applications of pellets
2.4. Form of pellets delivery
3. Substitute products for fuel pellets
3.1. Substitute products in power generation and cogeneration
3.2. Substitute products in local heating generation
4. Quantitative characteristics of global wood pellets market
5. European wood pellets market
5.1. Review of European wood pellets market
5.2. Pellets market in certain countries
5.2.1. Sweden
5.2.2. Denmark
5.2.3. Finland
5.2.4. Norway
5.2.5. Belgium
5.2.6. Netherlands
5.2.7. Great Britain
5.2.8. Germany
5.2.9. Italy
5.2.10. Austria
5.2.11. Other countries of Western Europe: France, Switzerland, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg
5.2.12. Eastern Europe: Poland, Slovenia, Rumania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary
5.2.13. CIS and Baltics: Latvia, Lithuania, Ukrain, Estonia, Belarus
5.3. Prices in European wood pellets market
6. Wood pellets market in North America
6.1. Review of North American wood pellets market
6.2. Pellets market in certain countries
6.2.1. USA
6.2.2. Canada
6.3. Prices in North America wood pellets market
7. Wood pellets market in Asia Pacific
7.1. Review of Asia Pacific wood pellets market
7.2. Pellets market in certain countries
7.2.1. China
7.2.2. Japan
7.2.3. South Korea
8. Quantitative characteristics of Russian wood pellets market
9. Domestic production of wood pellets
10. Foreign trade of wood pellets
10.1. Methodology
10.2. Quantitative characteristics of export
10.3. Seasonality of export
10.4. Structure of export by directions
10.5. Structure of export by companies
10.6. Structure of export by production regions
10.7. Specificity of export logistics
11. Specificity of wood pellets consumption
12. Russian agricultural pellets market
13. Russian peat pellets market
14. Technological process
15. Participants of Russian equipment for pellets production market
15.1. Foreign producers
15.1.1. European producers
15.1.2. Chinese producers
15.2. Russian producers
15.3. Russian engineering companies
16. Evaluation of investment and profitaility
17. Technology of pellets burning
18. Producers of equpment for pellets burning
18.1. Russian producers of pellet boilers
18.2. Foreign producers of pellet boilers
18.3. Prices of pellet boilers
19. Foreign trade of equpment for pellets burning
20. Factors of Russian pellets market
20.1. Political and legislational
20.2. Economical
20.3. Social
20.4. Technological
20.5. Influence of substitute products
20.5.1. Structure of power generation in Russia
20.5.2. Structure of households' energy consumption. Availability of central heating, electric and gas supply systems
20.5.3. Comparison of economical efficiency of using pellets and alternative heating systems
21. Forecast of pellets market development till 2016
List of Tables

Table 1. Main parameters of wood pellets according to European standards
Table 2. Main characteristics of various types of energy carriers for district heating generation
Table 3. Comparison of central and individual heating systems in local heating generation
Table 4. Regional structure of global wood pellets market in 2003–2011, th tons
Table 5. Forecast of global pellets market in 2015 and 2020 by regions
Table 6. Statistics of European wood pellets market by countries
Table 7. Main characteristics of pellets market in Sweden in 2007–2012, th tons
Table 8. Main characteristics of pellets market in Denmark in 2007–2011, th tons
Table 9. Main characteristics of pellets market in Finland in 2007–2011, th tons
Table 10. Main characteristics of pellets market in Norway in 2007–2011, th tons
Table 11. Main characteristics of pellets market in Belgium in 2007–2009, th tons
Table 12. Main characteristics of pellets market in Netherlands in 2007–2011, th tons
Table 13. Main characteristics of pellets market in Great Britain in 2007–2011, th tons
Table 14. Main characteristics of pellets market in Germany in 2007–2011, th tons
Table 15. Main characteristics of pellets market in Italy in 2007–2011, th tons
Table 16. Main characteristics of pellets market in Austria in 2007–2011, th tons
Table 17. Comparison of volatility and ranges of prices of pellets in European countries depending on type of delivery in 2007–2009, euro/ton
Table 18. Foreign trade balance of pellets market in USA in 2003–2009, th tons
Table 19. Foreign trade balance of pellets market in Canada in 2003–2009, th tons
Table 20. Planned pellets factories in Canada in 2012–2013
Table 21. Pellets producers, which are at various stages of bankruptcy proceedings
Table 22. Size and development of pellets export from Russia in 2007–2012
Table 23. Структура экспорта пеллет из России по направлениям в 2009–2012 гг.
Table 24. Leaders by pellets exports in 2009–2012
Table 25. Groups of pellets consumers from Russian producers' point of view
Table 26. Regional structure of stock and digging of peat in Russia in 2007, th tons
Table 27. Cost comparison of raw material preparation area depending on type of using raw material, mln RUB
Table 28. Cost comparison of Russian and foreign production lines with capacity of 2–4 tons/hour
Table 29. Prices of pellet boilers, th RUB
Table 30. Structure of energy comparison in Russia in 2006
Table 31. Heating systems used by Russian households in 2002 by federal districts
Table 32. Gas infrastructure development of Russian households in 2002 by federal districts
Table 33. Comparative costs of heating using various fuel types

List of Figures

Figure 1. Size and development of global pellets market in 2003–2012 in natural units, th tons
Figure 2. Trade balances of global pellets market participants in 2010, tons
Figure 3. Pellets market development in Poland in 2003–2009, tons
Figure 4. Pellets market development in Hungary in 2006–2010, tons
Figure 5. Development of rutures quotations for pellets in March, 2012 — February, 2013, euros/ton
Figure 6. Prices of pellets in European countries under condition of bulk delivery (5 tons, based on delivery up to 50 km and including VAT) in 2007–2009
Figure 7. Prices of pellets in European countries under condition of ready-packed delivery (pack up to 25 kg, on pallets, without including delivery, including VAT) in 2007–2009, euros/ton
Figure 8. Structure of Noth American pellets factories depending on capacity in 2009, tons/year
Figure 9. Distribution of Noth American pellets factories by regions and capacity in 2009
Figure 10. Distribution of Canadian pellets factories by regions in 2012
Figure 11. Programme of pellets production in China, th tons, total including the following types: shrots of panic, rice, sunflower, corn, soybeans, cotton, wood, other crops
Figure 12. Balance of Russian wood pellets market in 2003–2012, th tons
Figure 13. Production of pellets in Russia in 2003–2012, th tons
Figure 14. Distribution of Russian wood pellets factories by federal districts in 2012
Figure 15. Leading regions by pellets factories in 2012
Figure 16. Russian leaders by pellets production in 2012, th tons and %
Figure 17. Structure of wood waste export from Russia in 2009–2012, th tons
Figure 18. Seasonality of pellets export in 2008–2012, th tons
Figure 19. Average monthly prices of pellets in 2008–2012, doll/ton
Figure 20. Structure of pellets export from Russia by companies in 2012
Figure 21. Structure of pellets export from Russia by regions of production and delivery in 2012, th tons and %
Figure 22. Variants of logistic schemes for pellets export from Russia
Figure 23. Pellets production process layout
Figure 24. Size and structure of housing starts in Russia by forms of ownership in 2000–2011, mln sq m
Figure 25. Structure of energy consumption by types of source in Russian households in 2006, %
Figure 26. Forecast of pellets export from Russia in 2012–2016, th tons
Figure 27. Forecast of domestic pellets market in Russia in 2012–2016, th tons
Figure 28. Forecast of pellets production in Russia in 2012–2016, th tons

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Global and Russian pellets market research (ver. 8)

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